about – adrian pini presents

he studio is open 7 days a week, and is available for hire at affordable prices.

weekdays ( 12 hours ) 10am – 10pm  /  weekends ( 8 hours ) 10am – 6pm.

prices for hiring the studio include use of all the equipment listed in the equipment inventory.

the studio is 734 square foot, and is approximately 40 foot in length by 20 foot in width, providing ample shooting space.

the minimalist decor and layout in the studio provides an excellent working environment, and easy access
for the use of props and other accessories.

high ceilings, steelwork and hi glide roof rail lighting systems allow for lighting to be kept off the floor if necessary.

for more information, please click  the links above,  or on the left side of the page.


about – adrian pini presents.

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