FilmPlus | Lighting, Digital & Video hire in London & Ibiza

Loft Studios is west London’s premier studio complex, providing production, studio hire and equipment hire for photographic shoots, filming and events. Situated in a refurbished Victorian foundry, with 6 shooting spaces (3 coves / 3 location spaces) complete with large infinity coves, high vaulted ceilings, exposed brickwork, large windows and skylights for controllable daylight, oak & natural wood flooring, private styling rooms, kitchen/dining facilities and client lounges. Our location studios (4, 5, DL) come complete with stylised furniture, interesting props, ready made sets/flats, different flooring options, painted brickwork, and distressed plastered walls creating the most versatile shooting/events facility in London. Lighting, Digital & Video Hire, Catering, Set-Build & Production are all offered in-house


FilmPlus | Lighting, Digital & Video hire in London & Ibiza.

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