GoJo & GoGe randomly met last year in a hot summer evening and started fusing their creative skills together in order to promote the idea that Art is actually Fun and Inspiration.

GoJo (Ambra Vernuccio) is a Photographer and Graphic Designer born in Italy, but working as a freelancer in London. Being a Voyeur and passionate about humans behaviour, documenting events and places was her natural inclination.

She likes collecting cameras and still loves the warm-vintage-look of B/W pictures developed in the darkroom.

Personal website


GoGe (Kiboko Njoroge) is a Visual Artist with a particular flair for illustration. Kenya (where he was born),  London (where he has spent the last 10 years) and Japan (his past-life country)  influenced his Art in a unique way. His illustrations are engaging on different levels, as he tells the story of African mythology , brings to life the African Ninja and gives a sharp twist to the traditional African illustration.

He is also the founder of IfreeCans Collective who are based in Camden Stables Market, Camden Town, London.

Personal Blog


IfreeCans’s blog


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