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If you are looking to improve your photography skills, from March 2012 “Through the Looking Glass Workshops” will run a new series of exciting classes on Street Portrait, Documentary and Street Photography.

Limited number of students in the courses will allow more customised programmes, focusing on your needs and your desires.



For more info and booking, please click the link below:


This 4-hour Street Photography workshop in Shoreditch will improve your photography skills, while you explore the trendiest streets in London to learn the tricks of some of the world’s most famous street photographers.

Through the guidance and feedback of the tutor as well as your peers, you will be able to take eye-catching images through an engaging and sociable experience.

The workshop will teach you how to observe the London streets in a different way and enable you to unlock your creativity.

Ideal for intermediate photographers (or those who’ve completed a beginners course) 

The workshop covers:

– A brief history and examples of street photography

– Street Photography tips

– How to be creative, groundbreaking and unobtrusive with your photography

– How to capture candid moments and interact with your subjects

– How to tell stories through your images

– Understanding light and learn how to use it to your advantage

Equipment needed: 

– A digital SLR or bridge camera (that can go into semi-automatic mode)

– A wide-angle zoom lens (preferably 18-55mm, 24-70mm, 24-105mm) or extra prime lenses (20mm, 24mm, 50mm)

External flashgun is optional, only for experienced users who want to experiment its use.


  • Sunday, April 1th

Meet-up location to be confirmed on booking.

Tutor: Ambra Vernuccio  (website:

For more info about the outline of the workshops, please click here

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