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Inspiration and creativity

August 20, 2011 by Alex Bailey

Outside looking in or inside looking out…??? Photo: Alex Bailey by Alex Bailey – Self-portrait…

Here goes a new strand to my blog, a little issue that I love considering and mulling over on a regular basis. A subject that as usual I would welcome thoughts and comments on, that is: Inspiration and creativity. How do we tackle this issue? How do we keep innovative and fresh with our creative ideas and approach to the work we produce? I like to categorize what I do as Creative commercial to me this means that I produce commercially creative work. That is images that are creatively motivated but are for commercial gain. In other words someone pays me to make these images they in turn exploit for commercial gain… to sell their product… fair enough… It’s a reciprocal arrangement.

This is opposed to images which are ‘made’ purely for their artistic integrity. Something I like to indulge in but do not expect to be paid for. Interesting though when this crosses over into my commissioned work. Now the plot thickens?

When being commissioned I therefore have a responsibility to provide exciting publishable images that have creative integrity. How do I go about this in practical terms? RRR well! Here in lies the story. A multi faceted answer with very many avenues and considerations. That’s why I thought I would start anew strand on my blog concentrating on this topics as there is so much to say and so much that influences me. Lets start with the day to day practicality of performing my job… where do we start?? Well….. I have an established formula … Just to get me going… Warming up you could say … I assume many photographers working professionally follow a formula? Do they? Comments here are very welcome… This basic formula consists of: Singles and two shots. Wide shots showing the actors in context of the set. I mages that contain expression and performance,. Shots of the set and props and the issue widens up…. To be continued…

via Inspiration and creativity « ALEX BAILEY movie stills photographer.

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