Martha Freud Design

“Martha has a fresh and unconventional approach. Coming to three dimensional design after forging a career in fashion, her aesthetic sensibility is organic, ecologically informed work; influenced by nature and unique in its methodology. She has extensively experimented with new methods of fabrication and has an unconventional approach to her materials.”

Martha Freud designs and creates furniture, lighting and tableware. Much of her current work uses light to highlight or create depth and relationships.

Her pieces are available as one-offs, limited editions and as commissions.

Martha studied furniture and product design at Kingston University. She lives in London and works out of Great Western Studios.

Wootton, Dawe & Freud LLP is the studio partnership of Danny Wootton, Sid Dawe and Martha Freud. Sid and Danny also undertake the display, transport and installation of art works, often large stone sculpture.

Credits: We would like to thank Angelo Plantamura (for much of the photography on this site); Jacob Hobson, cabinet maker; and the London Wildlife Trust.

via Martha Freud Design.

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