Norma-Louise Thallon: about the artist

Norma-Louise Thallon is a photographic artist. She exhibits her work extensively and has worked with a variety of organisations providing workshops and projects in both general art programmes and photography. Norma has a bachelor of fine art and a master of philosophy, both from Glasgow School of Art.Norma Thallon works in both colour and black and white and uses a great deal of traditional and alternative processes such as pinhole photography, cyanotype and salt printing. Many of the more tactile images she makes form the basis of handmade bookworks, which she stitches and binds herself. Much of her work is involved with the traditional genres of portraiture and self-portraiture, as well as land, sea and cityscapes. Norma is very interested in vision and perception. As a result she makes a lot of ‘stereoscopes’, which are two images viewed simultaneously to represent the left and right eyes. She is also currently developing work that deals with perspective, using pinhole cameras to help her manipulate perspectives and perceptions of perspectives. Her work often relates to the discovery and development of photographic techniques.Norma is also interested in collaboration between the handmade and the machine made. Much of her work explores this theme, and she often combines handmade and traditional photographic techniques such as pinhole, cyanotype and salt printing with new media techniques such as animation, video and sound work.Norma has received a great deal of support for her work from a range of sources, including commissions and awards. She recently received the Angus Art Purchase Award and her work has been shown lately in solo shows at The Meffan Gallery, Forfar and Total Kunst Gallery, Edinburgh as well as recent joint shows at Sherbourne House, Dorset and Streetlevel Gallery, Glasgow.

via Norma-Louise Thallon: about the artist.

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