Devin Schiro – Places


My name is Devin Schiro (though you’ve probably established this by now), and I am a Los Angeles based freelance filmmaker and a recent college graduate holding a bachelor’s degree in multimedia production. My journey to where I am today began nearly a decade ago when I was hired as a broadcast journalist and in-field radio news reporter as my part-time high school job. While this experience served as a strong personal foundation to story telling, there was an obvious visual element that was lacking, and so I moved to Los Angeles to attend California State University, Northridge, where my senior thesis project went on to compete as a semi-finalist in the Student Academy Awards and receive the ASC Honorable Mention.


This site is my personal portfolio and I have shot, edited, composited and/or participated in the creation of all of the work that can be viewed here. My days are spent honing my skills in a few particular creative disciplines, including cinematography, directing, photography, editing, color grading, and graphic design.

Devin Schiro – Places.

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