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Mayerling, Royal BalletRoyal Ballet’s royal ballet shocker renewed by two great performancesby Ismene BrownWednesday, 07 October 2009ShareGaleazzi and Watson: extreme ballet and extreme characters in extreme circumstancesphoto Charlotte MacMillanLast night was Sun night at the Royal Opera House, when the opening night of the ballet season was supposedly entirely attended by winners of The Sun’s ballet-ballot. Sadly the production, Mayerling, came into the ballot too late to get the full Sun promotional treatment in the riproaringly tautological style accorded to The Sun’s opera experience, Carmen – “Carmen is such a slapper she makes Jordan look positively saintly.” Surprisingly, considering the possibility of a totally accurate “Royal in sex and drugs death pact” synopsis for Mayerling, The Sun wimped out with a hotel offer.However, the question is whether Sun readers, and I, enjoyed ourselves, and judging from the uninhibited curtain applause I am sure we did, and some of us were in severe snivels by the end. One of the stranger powers of Kenneth MacMillan’s last and finest story-ballet is that inside its torrid sex-’n’-drugs skin lies what can be played as an extremely delicate dissection of inherited mental illness between mother and son. The events around that circumstance, the arranged dynastic marriages between royals, licentiousness and the greasy pole of political jealousy and status, elucidate with amazing conviction and clarity how we get from the opulent grandeur of the beginning to the squalid horror of the end, events festering in the purple riot of Liszt’s hothouse music, sumptuously arranged by John Lanchbery.

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