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Hi my names àsìkò (well it’s not my real name, it’s more my arty alter-ego). àsìkò means ‘the moment’ in my native language.

About 7 years ago I picked up my first camera and started taking photographs, I couldn’t stop. Photography became the thing I was most passionate about and couldn’t live without.

My photography is a reflection of who I am and what I feel, it’s my personal account on how light falls on emotion. My images are inspired by the mysteries, the romance, fantasy and my African heritage. I am constantly experimenting with ideas and concepts in Fashion and Portrait photography. Photography is my calling, my passion and my profession.

I currently live between London, Belgium and Nigeria with my beautiful wife and inspiration.

When I am not hanging out with my wife or taking photos, you can find me in a café reading a good graphic novel or a science fiction piece or even more image related stuff (it’s a bit of an obsession). I also enjoy cooking and cake eating. Movies nights are a most.

via asiko | London based African Fashion and Portrait Photographer – About.

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