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Flickr has made a drastic move in the last few days and revolutionised not only the layout but also its commercial strategy.

Most of the users have not really appreciated the changes in the site and inundated the Flickr Forum with complains.

It’s true that people are initially opposed to changes. Personally, I don’t want my old Flickr back, however I have some FEEDBACK:

– Flickr design definitely needed upgrade and I thought the re-style would have improved the site. I hoped that Flickr would have created a MORE ELEGANT AND PRO design, with a more user-friendly approach.

But after seeing the new version, unfortunately I noticed that all the issues with the usability are still there and the things that were actually working have been taken out (see SETs in the homepage and navigation to the photostream)

The site is very slow – pages do not load if not refreshed 2 or 3 times (I have fast internet connection)

There is not enough difference between PRO and FREE account to justify the payment of the annual fee for the PRo As PRO user due to renewal in 2 weeks, I will probably switch to the free account, if things do not improve quickly.

The site has changed and the old navigation issue now are even worse. EX . SETS have been taken out from the photostream.

the black background of the photo is very unpleasant Haven’t you been informed that in photography portfolio sites WHITE is the new black I appreciate that everybody have a different taste – but you could at least give people option to use the background in the setting.

Photostream Home The old homepage definitely needed to be revisited. But the new one unfortunately looks very clattered.

—- It is very difficult to see the actual images as there is no white space.

— There is not clear distinction between: contacts and favourites and my images.
I use my Flickr to send customised portfolios to clients etc, to show them more work apart the selection on my website.

—- NO need for the Cover photo. All those images in the same page are so overwhelming. I had to add a white image as cover photo as the homepage was so full of images. Photos need their own space, to breath …to live.

I have tried to leave a constructive feedback and taken time to do so. I hope to receive a reply at this regards and also that my comments will be taken into consideration to create an “IMPROVED version” .

My renewal is due in 2 weeks.

At present, I am seriously considering of cancelling my PRO account.

My problem is the 1000 of contacts and 3000 images I got in my account…plus links sent to external contacts for portfolio..I really hope they will listen..



Derek Powazek has written an interesting article on the potential Flickr developments…{or not(?)}.. see below..

The new Flickr: Goodbye customers, hello ads

Derek Powazek @fraying

May 21, 2013 12:53 PM


Flickr always had its share of problems. The servers used to crash. The design was simplistic, then confusing, then outdated. The first iOS app was laughable. But the one thing you could always rely on Flickr for was honesty. From back in the day when cofounder Stewart Butterfield wrote a blog post titled “Sometimes We Suck,” to its current community guidelines, one of which simply says “Don’t be creepy,” you could always trust Flickr to speak simply and truthfully to you.

On Monday, Yahoo relaunched Flickr at a swanky press event in New York. And while most coverage will be of the site’s new design, the most significant changes are to Flickr’s business model. But my takeaway is that the days of Flickr’s open and honest voice are over.

About that design…

Flickr’s design has been at war with whitespace since last year’s introduction of the “justified” view. This redesign ramps up that trend. Every pixel that could be filled with a photo has been, from corner to corner, often (but inconsistently) with infinite scrolling.

Until, that is, you scroll down an individual photo’s page, or wander into a part of the site that hasn’t been updated (like settings or uploading an avatar or the help forum). Then all of a sudden you’re back in Flickr’s old design, which is a jarring change. These pages will probably get updated eventually, but launching with these kind of omissions shows where Yahoo’s priorities lie, and it’s not with the community features that made Flickr famous.

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