Aimee Spinks – Unit Stills PhotographerAimee Spinks

Unit Stills and Specials Photography

Aimee Spinks


Aimee Spinks is a published and exhibited photographer specialising in unit stills and specials photography for film and TV. Previously wanting

to pursue a career as a stunt woman, Aimee particularly enjoys and excels in capturing action sequences where timing is extremely important in getting that all important shot.

Aimee prides herself on her ability to work both unobstrusively on set to capture the heart of a production, as well as taking control and directing large specials shoots both on location and in a studio setting. Aimee’s cinematic style and attention to detail has lead her to create work featured as standalone photographic frames within feature films in place of video footage whilst her ability to create complex lighting setups for specials has gained her work as the director of photography on several independent productions.

Aimee’s work has been published in various books, magazines and blogs as well as being exhibited in galleries across the country.

Outside of photography, Aimee enjoys wushu, tricking and has recently become addicted to contemporary dancing.

via Aimee Spinks – Unit Stills PhotographerAimee Spinks.

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