Photo collectives: Joining forces


Photo collectives: Joining forces

Photo collectives: Joining forcesThe last decade has seen an explosion in photography collectives. Three collectives talk to us about why they decided to band together instead of going it alone…Photography isn’t traditionally considered a team sport. But, taking their cue from established member-run agencies such as Magnum, VII and Noor, emerging photographers and curators are exploring new modes of cooperative working. Photographic partnerships, artist-run spaces and, overwhelmingly, photo collectives are on the rise. The two young photographers behind Fourteen Nineteen met aged 16, when Lewis Chaplin featured some images by Alex F. Webb in an online magazine he was working on. “We came together because there was a lack of a platform for younger photographers and artists to have their work displayed,” says Alex. “We were doing similar things and had similar concerns about representing our generation of photographers but once we did it it together, it worked out much better,” Lewis adds. They now run an online gallery, a publishing imprint and an annual photography book market, among other projects.

via Photo collectives: Joining forces.

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