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ALIVE in the Face of Death

Published on 12 March 2013

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Death affects us all, it’s inevitable, we know that. But what we don’t know is how we’d react when staring death in the face and given a time frame to live by. It’s the age old question: what would you do if you were given one, three or six months to live? Hence, my latest interactive project, ALIVE, is a challenging one.

Until May I’ll be photographing and getting to know people touched by death – those battling terminal illness, those who have faced near death experiences and those who have lived against the odds. I’ll also be looking for the views of workers in the death industry, from embalmers to coffin-makers.

My first subject is Sandra, a mother of one who, despite surviving breast cancer, is currently on her fourth round of chemotherapy and battling a brain tumor. But while others faced which such trauma may have crumbled, Sandra exudes steely determination spurred on by a want to hold her first grandchild in a matter of months. The aim of Sandra’s portrait was to encaps ulate this determined willpower.

ALIVE will be filmed for a BBC documentary this summer and a public exhibition will be held in May at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. If you would like to get involved or contribute your story and views please email

via ALIVE in the Face of Death | Photography | HUNGER TV.

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