Advanced Photoshop Tutorial: Intro to Advanced Skin Retouching –

Intro to Advanced Skin Retouching


Advanced Photoshop Tutorial by Patrick Lavoie, April 2010 (updated June 2010)

Digital photography requires a solid workflow, allowing for professional preparing of digital photo files for the web and print. For the Digital Photography Workflow series, we consulted with a number of experienced professional photographers who are also stellar members and frequent contributors to the Digital Darkroom forum, to walk us through their specific photography techniques and tips on post-processing images.

In this article, republished content from a very interesting and informative post in the Digital Darkroom Forum, Patrick Lavoie offers advice on how to achieve skin softening maintaining the skin’s texture. The article is enhanced with illustrative figures and screen shots, and includes example images from Patrick’s portfolio. Whether you are just entering the world of digital photography and need some tips and advice on how best to post-process your images, or are a seasoned pro, the insights shared here should be helpful with your own digital post-processing techniques.

For more info on Patrick’s digital photography workflow in general, take a look at Fashion Photography Digital Workflow.

Skin Retouching Example

Many times I read in the Digital Darkroom Forum advice on skin retouching. The most common suggestions are to “add some blur” or “Blur this or that”. The truth is, if you want to retain all the skin texture you shouldn’t use any kind of blur in your process, but some extensive pixel-based retouching. I’m sure that many people just like to get fast results, and many people post examples done with different plug-ins to show us examples. However, when viewed at 100%, many of the examples look fuzzy and/or too smooth to be real.

I decided to post an example of what skin retouching and general enhancements look like for me. Rarely will you see a before and after image from me on, but my intent is to help inform you as to what I start with before retouching, and what the final results are after applying my magic.

via Advanced Photoshop Tutorial: Intro to Advanced Skin Retouching –

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