The Karelle Fashion Experience in London – Trip the fabric fantastic


Karelle Levy hosted her first fashion show in London at the Blackall Studios. Club culture, nu rave and 24-hour party people form part of the inspiration for her ‘DiscGlo – Neon Fashion Party’.

Karelle is a multi faceted talent. She is a creative force, an artist and a fashion designer with her chosen medium being textiles and fabrics.
Her label ‘KRELwear’ based out of Miami and now New York, has created such a buzz on the downtown scene, that it is no surprise that her collection have been picked up so extensively in the US media and worn by well known personalities such as Alanis Morrisset, Christina Ricci, Carmen Electra, Pink, Cameron Diaz and most recently Nicki Minaj who has a number of ‘KRELwear’ pieces. This endorsement means that Karelle is one of the most exciting and hot designers of her generation. She has been touted as the new Missoni with attitude.
The philosophy behind ‘KRELwear’ is the simple beauty of ‘toobular’ knit design. There are two separate collections. Unique hand loomed pieces and the diffusion production line. The ready-to-wear garments complimenting the couture collection. Both of these lines will feature a dazzling array of dresses, jumpsuits, hot shorts, skirts and tops.
Karelle’s techniques are unconventional. She uses yarn in a similar manner to a painter. The fabric becomes electric neon having the extraordinary quality of being UV reactive. In daylight the clothes are vital and vibrant. The pieces are elegant, stylish and chic yet super sexy, bursting with fun.
She has developed a signature style, her own brand that exudes personality with oodles of charisma.
This event brings together the full range of Karelle’s artistic practice. A mini-retrospective will feature web-like installation work, multi-fabric patchwork abstractions and playful ‘Voodoo dolls’, loaded with cultural connotations.

Larry Tee was the guest star DJ for the ‘DiscGlo’ party – Larry is a New York legend and a dedicated fashionista.







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