How to be a street photographer

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How to be a street photographer

Braving traffic, crowds and pigeon excrement may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but shooting in public allows street photographers to document everyday life in all its unpredictable chaotic glory. Here, three street photographers share their tops tips on getting that perfect shot…

Be nifty on your toes

You’re likely to be shooting on the go, so before you head out, make sure you’re fed, watered and armed with kit that is easily portable. “Learn how to use your equipment well and comfortably,” says Jack Simon, joint winner of the 2011 Street Photography Now project. “Although many people pre-focus using a zone method, I have no problem with timing using autofocus or manual focus, as long as I am using a prime lens. Go with primes. I find 35mm ideal but also use 28mm or 50mm.” Street photographer and course teacher David Gibson agrees that less is often more when it comes to lenses: “Don’t use a long lens. There’s a quote I heard recently that summed it up, something like: ‘The best lens to use is your feet’. It is so true, don’t be lazy, get closer… use your feet.”

Spontaneity takes preparation

Street photography doesn’t necessarily have to happen in a street but it must be unplanned, un-posed and in public. As a street photographer, you’re watching out for rather than setting up photographs, so you can’t predict exactly when that perfect shot will come along – but you can be geared up for its arrival. “Always carry a camera with you and be ready to use it,” says Jack Simon. “Some of my most interesting p

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