60 Seconds With: Issa Designer Daniella Helayel – WSJ.com

Nobody doubts the power of a good dress, least of all Kate Middleton, whose style is often cited as one reason she, a commoner, could turn a crowned head. Ms. Middleton may now be famous for her very English wedding gown, but before her prince ever popped the question, the label she most often chose to nudge him with was Issa.

[OD-AO746_ISSAj] Associated Press

Kate Middleton in Issa

Known for bright hues and softly body-skimming silhouettes, with devotees like Ms. Middleton, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes, Issa is a London-based smash, but the woman behind it, Daniella Helayel, is 100% Brazilian.

“Brazilian fashion is quite laid back,” she said, explaining the appeal. “It’s summer all year round there, so it’s prints, colors, happiness! Sexy clothes.”

[OD-AO748_ISSAJ] Getty Images

Fashion designer Ossie Clark

To help capitalize on Issa’s moment, the Harrod’s scion Camilla Al Fayed has just come on board as chairman, and she and Ms. Helayel plan to expand the brand into childrenswear, swimwear and home, with the first-ever Issa store set to open in São Paulo in November.

via 60 Seconds With: Issa Designer Daniella Helayel – WSJ.com.



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