Josh Cole – Photographer/ Director

After school Josh spent several years working in bad jobs and getting in trouble. The trouble became more serious and Josh decided to leave the small town where he grew up and become a photographer. His life experiences before his career have always been a strong influence and a constant inspiration.

In 1997 at the age of 23 Josh began a degree in photography and at the same time began his career photographing his friends in the music scene- DJ’s, recording artists and dancers. Through his contacts he started working for record companies, promoters and individual artists producing PR photos, album covers and flyers. During this time he compiled a comprehensive book about British hip hop culture. By the time he had graduated in 2001 he had already began photographing and writing for various national and international music and style magazines and had became involved in many other areas of underground street culture including graffiti, breakdance, tattoo and criminal culture.

Over the next 10 years Josh developed his personal work by shooting hip-hop and street culture in the most dangerous and deprived areas from around the world. He also made a name for himself from a series of controversial and hard-hitting documentary photos with active street gangs and gypsy communities from across the UK with whom he has developed trusting and lasting relationships. In addition Josh managed to make a name for himself in the highly competitive London advertising industry working internationally for clients such as Nokia, Levis, Nike, Lucozade, Nintendo, Vodafone and T-Mobile. His much acclaimed personal work has been recognized with several awards and nominations from organizations such as the AOP Awards, Creative Review Annual and the Sony World Photography Awards.

In 2011 Josh turned his hand for the first time to directing. Within his first year, off his own back he had shot in LA, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia and The Congo. His first promo was for the Ministry of Sound and went on to win a Best in Book for the Creative Review photo awards and was nominated twice in the UK Music Video Awards for Best Dance Video and Best Cinematography. He has since been commissioned by the Nike Foundation to shoot a mood film and has several exciting projects in the pipeline.

via Josh Cole – Photographer/ Director.


Josh is represented as a Photographer by Wyatt-Clarke and Jones:
+44 20 7580 7570




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