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As part of our digital workflow every image passes through Photoshop for retouching.. whether it be colour balance or reshaping they all have minor adjustments that bring out the best in the image.

We are now offering re-touching services as a stand alone product to other photographers.. or anybody else that needs images retouching!

How it works..

Image files can be uploaded onto our shared “Dropbox” space from where we can retrieve the files. The larger the file the more information we have to work with so ideally the RAW files direct from the camera would be ideal.

We request a list of specific changes you would like making or general instructions. At this point we will return a quote detailing the costs and a completion date.

If you are happy to proceed with the order.. e-mail a confirmation to us and we will schedule the work and return an order confirmation.

Once your images have been edited we will upload a low resolution watermarked image back onto dropbox where you can download the file for viewing and approval.

We ask for payment to be made at this stage prior to the final high resolution non-watermarked images being released.

Job done..

We will keep your files on back-up for 2 months after which they will be removed.

Our rates for retouching are £10/hour with each assignment being quoted on an individual basis.

If you have need for retouching work or are just too busy to cope with sitting for hours in front of a computer then get in touch to discuss your requirements. E-mail:

We will be honest about our limitations and always aim to product the highest quality work to enhance your images.

via iso25 Photography – Sheffield based fashion and commercial photography.

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