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Shooting with petrol generators

Sun, Feb 14 2010 12:24 | Permalink

This week we were shooting at a location without power readily available so looked to generators for a solution.

After some research on the web we decided it would be a bad idea to use any old generator for fear of voltage spikes and damaged flash heads.

The guys at were more than helpfull.. Absolutely first class service.

I took 2 Bowens Gemini 500w heads along for us to test with. With both heads running at full power we were pulling roughly 13amps for a second or two whilst the heads recharged.

We then added extra load via a load bank to simulate the Apple G5 powermac and screen I wanted to use.

The upshot was that the generator handled 2 heads and the extra load with no problems at all.

During the shoot we were using the following kit from the generator with no issuse:

Bowens Gemini GM500 heads x2

Apple Mac G5 dual 2.3GB Pro tower

Apple 20″ HD cinema monitor

Lacie External Hard-drive

Powered speakers

For the third flash head which was used at various points we used a Bowens Travelpak.

The generator was running from roughly 9.45am through to 18.00 with a sustained shooting time of roughly 3 hours. The generator only used half a full tank of fuel which was approximately £10.00.

It is advisable to use a generator only in a well ventilated area.

These are only my personal experience of using a generator with flash heads. Please ensure you test your kit thoroughly and always take advise from the manufacture when using equipment for purposes other than that it was intended for.

Below are the main images from the shoot:

via iso25 Photography – Sheffield based fashion and commercial photography.

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