Underground History – Wood Lane Underground Station


Wood Lane Stations


When the 1908 Franco-British exhibition was built on the site that would eventually become known as White City (due to the many pearl white buildings on the exhibition site), two stations were built on the Underground to serve the exhibition. Both stations were originally meant to be open only for the duration of the exhibition but over the years they were regularly used to serve other exhibitions, shows and the athletics track nearby until eventually closed or replaced.

Wood Lane Map

Click for larger detail

This detail is from a 1912 map entitled Bacon’s Up to Date Map of London, showing ELECTRIC RAILWAYS, TUBES & TRAMWAYS. By examining this map you can clearly see the then Metropolitan Line (now Hammersmith & City) coming in from the south via Shepherd’s Bush station (now gone as Shepherd’s Bush has moved North of Uxbridge Road). Wood Lane station can clearly be seen just before the line crosses Wood Lane road.

The Central Line can be seen performing a curious loop with the Central Line’s Wood Lane station at the top of the loop.

Curiously, this map probably shows the densest area of disused and abandoned Underground stations on the entire network – not only do we see both Wood Lane stations and the old Shepherd’s Bush station but also Uxbridge Road can be seen on a now abandoned branch of the Metropolitan line.

For a larger detail of this map, showing the layout of the White City exhibition click here – or on the map above. The colouring was printed on the original map and the key states that red lines are “electrified railways” and yellow denotes “tram lines”.

via Underground History – Wood Lane Underground Station.

Wood Lane Map


Location of station compared to White City station


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