BBC – Viewfinder: London’s shop fronts

Happy 3rd Birthday London Shop Fronts!!<br /><br /><br />
Wow I’ve been doing this for three years! The photo count is now over 1000, what a lot of shop fronts. Thanks to everyone that is still hanging on in there with me :)

As more and more of us take and share pictures of our lives and surroundings, it can become overwhelming to anyone trying to locate bodies of work that hang together, both in terms of style and content.

Many of us will only photograph a small patch – our home turf, if you like – but add all of these together and you have a comprehensive record of the start of the 21st Century, a mass observation of the modern age.

One documentary project I’ve been following for a while is the work of Emily Webber, who is photographing shop fronts of independent traders in London.

Little Hut, Peckham Hight Street SE15 by Emily WebberThe pictures are fairly simple, straight-on records of supermarkets, corner shops, discount outlets and even a massage parlour. They are unique shop fronts that are slowly disappearing.

Emily says: “It started with an interest in documenting the bits of London that I know, and more recently lead me to spreading further afield, although I still have a lot to cover.”

Like many of us, Emily has to fit this project in around her work and now that she’s covered her home patch and the area near her work, she spends time at weekends exploring new parts of London.

via BBC – Viewfinder: London’s shop fronts.

“London Shop Fronts, by Emily Webber” . link towebsite

Launderette, Plaistow Lane E15
Oi Brasil, Seven Sisters Road N15

3 responses to “BBC – Viewfinder: London’s shop fronts

  1. Hi Emily,

    thanks for your message.

    I originally reblogged the bbc article, but i am not sure why it didnt show on the blog.

    I have now updated the link and included your reference as required. I hope it is ok with you now.

    Yes, I really enjoyed the project and I am doing some research on how people document London.

    Is it still a work-in-progress project?

  2. Hi Ambra,
    Thanks 🙂
    It’s still ongoing, I post a new photo everyday – there are currently just over 1000 shop fronts photos on the website.

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