Collector Interview: Erinn Coxx

Collector Interview: Erinn Coxx.


Collector Interview: Erinn Coxx

Chicago based Erinn Cox recently bought a Jennie Gunhammar piece entitled ‘Bow’;

Since its introduction photography has always been considered the perfect medium for recording one’s life. Whether it attempts to tell a story, describe a personal bond, or is an aesthetic project that forms part of a larger body of work.

During the 1960′s family photography increasingly became the chosen subject matter for aspiring documentary photographers. By choosing their family members as subjects these photographers moved away from the public realms and functions of the documentary. The results were intensely personal projects. These photographers made the most familiar and seemingly common the consecration of the family their own, whilst engaging in a more critical evaluation of the meaning of photography. These photographers began interrogating the family itself and its established traditions of representation. They took the family out of its established monolithic image context. They created a more honest contemporary history, shaped by the ideologies of race, ethnicity, gender, class and sexuality.

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