About Vignette

About Vignette

Vignette works with brands and organizations that have something to say. Real stories to tell. Our stories explore universal themes that resonate across cultures and generations and connect us on a very human level. We live to create stunning imagery. Visuals that make the viewer stop in their tracks, take notice, and care. And maybe most importantly, we know how to bring out the best in people. Whether it’s getting them to open up and share their ideas and stories in an interview, or making them feel so at ease that they forget the camera is even there, it’s what we do really well.

What We Believe

The days of telling people what to think, believe or buy are over. If the message you’re putting out is not truly aligned with your offer or values, word will spread quicker than you can say “tweet”. If you’re not giving your audience something that’s interesting, relevant, or valuable, they’ll simply click away. Which is why we believe a good, honest story that draws folks in and makes them laugh, cry, dream, understand, or simply connect, is a smarter way to communicate and just good business.

Our Lean Approach

‘Keep it lean’ is sort of a motto for us. Our roots in photojournalism and reportage means we work a little differently. We like to keep our crews small and our equipment light. Sure it helps keep production costs under control, but we do it more because we believe it’s an essential part of our approach. It allows us to capture an intimacy and authenticity that inevitably gets lost when a production gets supersized.

Motion + Stills = New Media Landscape

Sometimes a single image is the most powerful way to tell a story. Sometimes it’s a twenty minute film. Vignette works adeptly in both the still and motion worlds. We love both and so do our clients. Many of our projects contain film and photography components which are tightly interrelated. This approach not only helps clients consolidate production budgets, it allows them to extend their communications and campaigns across a broad spectrum of traditional and new-media platforms.

Interactive Design Matters

A beautifully crafted story deserves a beautifully designed package. We’re passionate about interactive design and believe it can elevate story-driven projects by providing a more compelling and coherent presentation of ideas, issues, and causes. A well designed microsite or web interface keeps users focused on what’s important: the content. It can also better integrate branding, calls to action, and provide a deeper contextual experience. We build elegant, smart, and responsive designs that know what device the user is on and adapt the layout accordingly. If you want so see a great example, just take a look a this site on a tablet or smart phone.

Work With Us

We like to mix it up. We work with large and small organizations, brands, foundations, and creative and communications agencies. We can help with strategy and story development, digital film, photography, multimedia production, interactive design, or anywhere in between. Bring us your story and let us show you what we can do with it.

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