Flickr: Discussing Using a pinhole body cap in Digital Pinhole Photography

Tsc Tempest says:

Hey Dean, yeah bodycaps can be challenging. Having said that, I’ve made it a passion to try and make them work.

First let me recomend Pinhole Designer as a standalone Windows app, it’s quite useful.

Next, let me recomend Pinhole Calculator which is a very simple online calculator. It’s a useful alternative when dealing with non-optimal siszings.


Following that, check my stream, particularly the Pinhole Imagery set, there is some relevant info, specific to bodycap pinholes, worth looking at.



Lastly, I’m working on developing a way to, not only have dust protection for dSLRs using bodycap pinholes, but also, a way to mount filters for various image quality enhancements, so stay tuned, because I WILL present the results here for everyone’s consideration.

I should add, first know the pinhole diameter of your pinhole, next know the distance from pinhole to sensor (focal length) then, divide the focal length by the pinhole diameter to get the f/stop.

With the online calcualtors that abound, you should be able to get an exposure factor, i.e a number that you multiply a metered exposure reading by inorder to determine the balll park exposure time needed for your pinhole.

Micro-drilled or laser drilled, only means that you have a very uniform hole shape. the shim thickness and other factors will greatly influence the quality of the images that the hole produces, whether that’s sharp or dreamy: well, you takes what you gets, and embrace the softness.


via Flickr: Discussing Using a pinhole body cap in Digital Pinhole Photography.

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