Assignments Editor at Panos Pictures

Job of the Week: Assignments Editor at Panos Pictures

Josh Lustig is the Assignments Editor at Panos Pictures, a photography agency that specialises in global social issues. He tells us how he broke into the industry, shares his favourite photography websites and explains why collaboration is important…

Full name/age/job title:

Josh Lustig, 29, Assignments Editor at Panos Pictures.

Please give us an overview of your average day.

Get in and check emails… Most of my morning is usually spent responding to client requests for photography assignments all over the world. I then liaise with photographers and clients, working out the details of individual assignments, which vary from one-day shoots to two-week-plus commissions.

There’s a lot of crossover between staff responsibilities at Panos, which is one of the things that makes the job so interesting. So I could also spend a fair bit of the day editing images and putting together features for our website – which will then be pitched to clients – as well as talking with my colleagues and photographers about future project ideas.

I also go to a fair few meetings – with clients, prospective photographers, and potential collaborators.

As the job is so changeable, depending on what is happening in the world – breaking news, events etc… Some days are totally manic and all my time is taken up dealing with incoming commissions/assignments, and others can be very quiet, allowing far more time to develop project ideas with our photographers and fellow members of the Panos team.

I also do all our social networking – Facebook and Twitter. We have quite a big following on both, and it’s a really good way to disseminate news and stories.

What is the most common misconception about your job?

That I get to travel to some of the exciting places where we commission work. Unfortunately, I don’t.

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