Luis Fabini Photographer

Luis Fabini Photographer.


Born in Uruguay and currently based in New York city, Luis Fabini is a photographer who spends his time between South America, the United States and Europe.

Having had a camera thrust in his hands as a child, Luis hasn’t felt the need formal training in photography, and initially worked as a travel guide/photographer in South America. He produced documentary films and is now a fashion and travel photographer.

He has been working on his project “Horsemen of the Americas” since 2004, which is on his website.

In the United States and Canada, these horsemen are known as cowboys; in Mexico they are called charros, in Ecuador as chagras, in Colombia and Venezuela as llaneros, in Peru as chalanes and qorilazos, in Chile they are called the huasos, Brazil has its pantaneiros and vaqueiros, and Uruguay and Argentina’s they’re known as gauchos.

The above photograph is of Brazilian vaqueiros dressed in handmade protective leather clothing. Such clothing is necessary for roping cows amidst the bush’s sharp thorns.

via PDN Photo of the Day.

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