Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.


“Ga-Ken Wan follows his own fascinations and doesn’t flinch from the challenges…photographs which capture something of the modern urban experience.”
– The Scotsman

“His eye has a way of alchemizing every social encounter into something at once synaptic and fresh, yet cool and composed… the hipper, headier, film-version of our lives.”
– Lock Up Your Daughters

Tommy Ga-Ken Wan is a photographer based in Glasgow. At the age of fourteen, his parents gave him a camera and, three years later – despite no formal training in art or photography – his work had been published and exhibited internationally.

Since the age of nineteen, following a trip to Pakistan funded by the British Council, Tommy has worked as a freelance photographer, and has undertaken a diverse range of projects, from working on film sets in Hong Kong and Paris to assisting local schoolchildren to produce an exhibition of their work. He has worked internationally with people from all walks of life, ranging from Ambassadors and CEOs to students and artists including actors, musicians and writers. He has spoken about his work to invited audiences at The University of Glasgow, The High Commission of Pakistan in London and, in 2010, appeared as a guest judge on Singaporean reality TV show ‘The Big Shot’. In 2011, he was appointed resident judge for the second series.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in working together, but photography is how I earn my living, so it’s unlikely that I’ll undertake TF* work unless it’s a very interesting proposition.



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