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Interview with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy film stills photographer Jack English.

Legendary musician Eric Clapton calls him his ‘favourite photographer [who] does great work’. Now Jack English has another lifelong fan in actor-director Gary Oldman who describes him as ‘a true artist with a camera’. This British artist has worked his ever-evolving creativity worldwide in a number of areas, including fashion, music and film photography.

In fact English’s big break into film stills came after Oldman saw a blues album that English had done for Clapton in a record store back in the 90s, and the debut director contacted the photographer to discuss doing the stills for his 1997 semi-autobiographical and harrowing drama, Nil By Mouth. With no experience of film photography, but a major passion for movies, English describes how it all happened as a major gamble.

“Gary, who I thought was very hip, took a huge risk by hiring me, as I’d never worked on a film set before,” says English. “But part of the brief was that he didn’t want film stills – he wanted quite abstract images.”

via AN ENGLISH PERSPECTIVE – Interviews – Exposure.

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