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Unbridled Enthusiasm for the People.

Saty Namvar and Pratha Samyrajah are international celebrities, as well as some of the most prolific and compelling photographers of their generation. Pratha is writing this blurb, and has a slight tendency towards hyperbole. Saty is the team pragmatist, so he is now making Pratha stick to the facts.

Saty is the boy and Pratha is the girl. The autodidactic duo were raised in Canada, met at the Heidelberg Centre for Graphic Communications Management (read: print university), and have gotten on smashingly since.

In 2010, the two moved to London, trading their taste for beaver tails and Cowichan sweaters for Cornish pasties and Barbour quilted things. They shoot every waking day, and strive to capture images that are fun, beautiful/honest, and technically excellent.

They are handsome and charming, polite and hardworking, and have Fellini-esque imaginations. They would love to hear from you. For assignments or otherwise.

Talk to Pratha about fashion, magazines, all things Japonaise (except certain vending machines), hip hop and flowers.

Talk to Saty about Pontecorvo and Truffaut films, architecture, and the merits of blog house.

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