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A time machine is a camera, or a method of discovery, or a way of travelling, or a fiction, or an idea.

Timemachine publishes contemporary photography from Australia and elsewhere in the world. Our emphasis is on showing new work and longer term projects; and bringing the concerns of photographers and their colleagues to wider attention.

Do countries or cultures breed different ways of thinking and seeing? This is a place to look at new Australian image making alongside a selection of what’s emerging from around the globe.

Timemachine was hatched some years ago in the minds of two photographers, strangers at the time. We were astounded and invigorated by the range of strong, eye-opening work that was being made at a time when the power of the still image, in the midst of an explosion of visual technologies, was thought by many to be in a period of decline.

Far from it: photography retains its virtue of bold simplicity and continues to be used, in new ways and old, by thoughtful and original practitioners. It has found ubiquity via the internet – but popularity hasn’t curbed the steady development of fresh voices.

Issues of the magazine are bimonthly and are based around themes, which can be interpreted loosely or strictly. We’re interested in a diversity of ideas and styles and encourage submissions from everywhere – and from known or unknown photographers, artists and visual journalists.

We also publish writing on photography: essays, interviews, criticism, notes from the field. We want to gauge varying opinions, new forays and developing approaches to the medium.

Timemachine is a collaborative project by fellow photographers Lee Grant and Tom Williams.

Web development by Lee Grant and Quazi Abdullah. Logo design by Kiara Crofts and Catherine Doherty.

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