Harry Benson: Photographer

Harry Benson: Photographer

Harry Benson, CBE, is a photography legend. He has photographed every American President from Eisenhower to Barack Obama, he was feet away from Bobby Kennedy when he was assassinated, he was with the Beatles on their first American tour, and he was in the room with Nixon the day he resigned. He tells IdeasMag how to take a great photograph…

I couldn’t get a job in Glasgow growing up, and it made me hate failure. I didn’t want to be the guy in the bar talking about what he should have done.

I’ve done anything I was asked in my career. I’ve done any piece of shit that came up. I never was touchy about what I got, because in everything you do there could be a good picture or a great picture. There’ll always be a picture, whatever the subject.

I didn’t always find the picture. I look back at some of the opportunities I had, and I didn’t take advantage. If I met my young self, my message would be: ”You missed a lot of chances. Make sure you do more.”

via Harry Benson: Photographer.Harry Benson: Photographer


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