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British Born Chinese, Michelle Ho, qualified as a corporate solicitor in London but she has always been passionate about media and entertainment.

She first became interested in filmmaking through her love of theatre. She wrote and directed several plays while at school and was a member of Footlights at Cambridge University.

In 1996, Michelle then did a 2-day film school with Elliot Grove at Raindance in London having recently returned from living in Hong Kong and Japan.

She has since attended screenwriting and directing courses at Raindance and the NFTS as well as the Syd Field Masterclass, Beyond Structure by David Freeman and the Arista romcom course and also production courses at Focus West which all took place in London.

Based in London, Michelle currently has several feature films in development including CYBERLOVE, CHOP SUEY, STALKED, LAW OFFICE and MESSIAH which will all be produced by Ho Fun Films (Michelle’s own production company).

via Michelle Ho » BIOGRAPHY.

Michelle Ho

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