| Jodi Bieber |

| Jodi Bieber |.


After completing three short photographic
courses at the The Market Photography
Workshop in Johannesburg – Jodi was selected
to participate on a photographic training
programme at the Star newspaper under the
late Ken Oosterbroek in September 1993.

She continued to work there as a photographer
leading up to and during South Africa’s first
democratic elections. 1996 was a turning point.
She was chosen to participate in the World
Press Masterclass held in Holland and started
working on assignments for publications like
the NY Times Magazine. She also works for
non- profit organizations like Medicins San
Frontiers on special projects for booklets and

Over a ten-year period (1994 – 2004) her own
project focused on the country of her birth, https://i0.wp.com/www.bjp-online.com/IMG/477/162477/wpp-jodiebieber.jpg
South Africa – photographing youth living on
the fringes of South African society. This work
finally found itself a home in a book – “Between
Dogs and Wolves – Growing up with South
Africa”. It has been published and released in
five countries in 2006

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