Gilda Aloisi | Satellite Voices

Gilda Aloisi

about 1 month ago

A relaxing chat and first ever interview with the young Roman photographer

Text by Satellite Voices

Guest Feature by Riccardo Lionello

Gilda is easy to notice. Statuesque, icy eyes, a detached aplomb. But with stuff she photographs she seems to have a very intimate relationship, as if she’s friend’s not only with the people portrayed, but also with sky, trees and a light bulb. Gilda is a professional in every respect, says her curriculum, but in spite of many others, has maintained a well-defined, not corrupted by business style. However, if you ask her to move an old sofa around her terrace she’ll tell you, “move it wherever you like.”

Satellite Voices: With previous interviews, how do you stay calm?

Gilda Aloisi: It’s my first interview. It all depends on who is interviewing anyways.

SV: Before taking photos, do you follow any particular principles to relax your nerves?

Gilda Aloisi: I just concentrate on what’s in front of me, isolating all of the rest of the world from my head. No rituals, no drugs, no deep breathing.

gilda05via Gilda Aloisi | Satellite Voices.

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