The Accidental Londoner: Tell no-one…

Tell no-one…

Ok, I can finally talk about this. The ban of silence laid over this event a couple of months ago is now lifted. From the moment I bought my ticket I was instructed to “tell no-one”. I could divulge no details about what I was to do, and where I was to do it. And frankly I couldn’t even if I wanted to – I had very little idea what it was I would really be doing one grey evening in November.

The email confirming the booking for myself and three others to attend “the New Wellbeing Foundation”, besides giving us a time to meet at the not-so-clandestine Ladbroke Grove tube station, requested that all attendees bring certain items with them. We needed to pack a dressing gown (which we should put on as soon as we got to Ladbroke Grove), slippers, a stamp, a toothbrush, and a photo of something or someone we loved. We were also instructed that “you will need to bring cash to pay for prescription medication and if you are not on a nil by mouth instruction you will be able to buy food from the foundation’s canteen. Unless you have booked an overnight stay you will be discharged before midnight.” Curiouser and curiouser…

The event we were attending was one of a series of filmic experiences produced by the clever and shadowy Secret Cinema. Subscribers to their programme receive emails inviting them to sign up for a screening of a classic and, at its time of release, ground-breaking film each month, but you never know when you buy your ticket what that film will be. These screenings however are not exactly a trip to the Odeon. They are elaborate and surreal events which place the watcher deep within the film itself, before a film projector even begins to whirr. In anticipation we began a process of filmic sleuthing and clue-deciphering, and I and my fellow attendees tried to identify potential films which featured people who wore dressing gowns, and wrote letters, and brushed their teeth. We narrowed it down to a range of films set in hospitals and asylums, with “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” a strong contender.

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