Francesco Giusti Photography

Francesco Giusti Photography.


Freelance documentary photographer oriented toward investigation
of social realities, communities and identity related issues.
His research about psychiatry among the long-standing inmates of “L.Bianchi Psychiatric Hospital” in Napoli, received the honourable mention of “Leica Oskar Barnack Award” in 1999 and was a finalist
of “Prix Care du Reportage Humanitaire” in 2000.
In 2002 he was awarded of “Premio Canon Giovani Fotografi” as
“Best Photographic Project” with an intimate portrait story about
a community of transvestites in Genova.
During the last years he has documented immigration and asylum seekers issues especially in Italy and in the Mediterrenean Sea.
In 2006 he published the book “Hotel Industria” and the volume
“Ex Fabrica – Identities and mutations on the border of the metropolis”;
both publications are about the ex industrial areas on the outskirts of Milan, inhabited and transformed in shelters by illegal immigrants
(honourable mention Ponchielli Award 2003).
He has documented slums in Nairobi, Cairo and Port Au Prince; part of
a long on-going project about metropolis and informal settlements communities.
He has recently worked in Haiti, in the Sub-Sahara area of Western Africa and in Congo Brazzaville.
His works has been published in Italy and abroad and exhibited in galleries and international photographic events.


2010 World Press Photo – 2nd Prize Arts and Entertainment Stories
2009 Viewbook PhotoStory – 1st Prize Documentary
2003 Amilcare Ponchielli Award/GRIN – Honourable Mention
2002 Canon Young Photoghraphers Award – Best Photographic Project
2000 Prix Care du Reportage Humanitaire – Finalist
1999 Leica Oskar Barnack Award – Honourable Mention

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