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Uhuru Africa is having an event in October to raise funds for a Small Business Education and Start Up scheme in Kenya, for people living in poverty. The organisation is holding a talent show to get the community involved and to encourage young people to unite and support the cause. As a sub-promotion, Uhuru Africa will also be promoting its campaign for free education for all African children, which has already started. It is hoped to promote the causes, unite the community and perhaps even recruit a few volunteers, as well as developing and encouraging local talent. “We are hoping it will be televised on a smaller, UK-based African television channel and are in the middle of finalising this. We would love any kind of sponsorship you could offer, be it in the form of prizes or financial offerings and will definitely make sure your logo is prominently displayed on any marketing material we use to promote the event. We are planning leaflets/entry forms and fliers, and will also provide visibility on the credits and on the TV production and also mentions throughout the show, with logos on a banner in front of the judging table. Our main target audience and attendees to the event will be the Black African and Black British community residing in the UK, although it will be open to anyone who wishes to enter. We hope to make this an annual fundraising and community event. Also, if you would like to sponsor a small business or other project, you can also do this – we are a capacity-building, pan-African organisation which assists people living in poverty to change their lives, through vocational and practical education schemes, training and small business start up support. We wish to work in all African countries. We work with local partners to deliver projects. We are also creating a good mentoring and support network for benefactors of projects to ensure the projects are sustainable and families are supported and will work in the longer term through our professionals for a social justice scheme. We also have educational programmes related to HIV which centre around football tournaments in African countries and we have other initiatives that we would appreciate support for. Kind regards and thank you in advance for your time and consideration”. Contact: Jill Barraclough. Tel.: 0207 284 0822. Mobile: 07879 131 284. E-mail:

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