Fringes: Images From The Street // What

The ‘Fringes: Images from the Street’ exhibition is the result of an international collaboration between 24 photographers who share the same addictive passion: capturing the “decisive moment” in the streets from all around the world.

The show will be hosted by the Blackline Tattoo Parlour in Brixton from 6th to 22nd July during the London Street Photography Festival.

The exhibitors are all participants of the year-long Street Photography Now Project, launched in October 2010 by the Photographers’ Gallery. They now have crossed the boundaries of the Flickr on-line community to meet in person and bring to life this collective cutting-edge show.

Many of the exhibitors are award-winning photographers such as Ambra Vernuccio, winner of the Hoppe Street Potraits competition for the National Portrait Gallery, Maureen Mumford Smith, selected for the Man and the Elements Exhibition 2010, and Chris JL, first prize “Thames Barrier To Teddington: Photography Challenge” for the Londonist. Also several of their images have been selected as Author’s Picks for the Street Photography Now Project by the like of Stephen McLaren, George Georgiou and Mimi Mollica.

The images from the 24 contributors record life from all over the world in all seasons, moods and situations. Each photographer discloses a unique perspective on our everyday life and contemporary society, from Steve Franck’s experimental approach through ghostly over-exposed crowds to Julia Cameron’s graphic narrative of the streets, from Chris JL’s bold black and white poetic images of loneliness to Wendy Le Ber’s political involvement with street protests.

What defines this show is a true passion for street photography and the ability to highlight candid moments finding magic in the ordinary everyday life.

When: July 6th-20th 2011

Where: Blackline tattoo parlour, 80 Atlantic road, Brixton, SW9 8PX

via Fringes: Images From The Street // What.

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