Agence VU – About

Agence VU organizes twice a year sessions of portfolio reviews for photographers who wish to join the agency.

These sessions take place as follows :

– During two weeks, you can drop your work (only CD, no originals) at the front desk of Agence VU, to the attention of Jean-Baptiste Henimann

– We have a look at the portfolios the 2 following weeks

– We don’t return the CD.

If we are interested in your work, we contact you to arrange a meeting.

In case your work wasn’t selected, we unfortunately won’t be able to give you our comments, taken the large number of portfolios submitted at each session.

Format of submissions:

The form filled with your details must be attached with your portfolio, as well as a short biography.

The portfolio must include an overview of your work (not more than 50 photos), as well as one or two stories, with an introduction text (not more than 40 photos per story).

Your pictures should be saved as JPEG, 72DPI, with a resolution between 800 and 1400 dots, on a Mac-compatible CD.

Next session :

• date of portfolio deposit: from May 30th to June 10th 2011 included

Form download

via Agence VU – About.

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