Complex transport networks over land, sea and air feed our hunger for travel and economic development, wrapping the Earth in a thickening web of routes, vehicles, and trade. Over 95% of these networks are dependent on a steady supply of cheap oil, but this entire energy supply is predicted to collapse, raising the question: What alternatives do we have? How will we travel and trade when oil is not an option? Sustainable design solutions are being developed in labs and studios, but they can also arise by accident, or through the pressure of local circumstances.

How do people cope in a war zone, or under trade embargoes? How do they improvise when oil is not the cheapest fuel source? And this need not only be about fuel – How are sustainable transport solutions being found in other areas? How do you make a vehicle from recycled materials? How are people travelling without engines? Which hard situations are testing human ingenuity, forcing us to find new solutions to replace traditional transportation?

We are looking for quirky, smart stories on vehicles all over the world which are sustainable by accident or by design. Visually powerful stories, serious or fun, which give an insight on the transport of the future. We want photographs, videos, facts, stories and suggestions.

The very best material will be published in COLORS 81


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