Residency Bivacco Urbano – Progetto Diogene

The project Residency Bivacco Urbano is part of a broad panorama of international residency programs that have a precise intention: to take advantage of interstitial spaces in the city for living and working. To do this the Diogene-bivaccourbano has been created. Like the bivouacs used by mountaineers, which take advantage of existing natural shelters, the Diogene-bivaccourbano is designed fit into and take advantage of unused urban spaces. It can be put up between buildings, fit into unused interiors or be built outdoors in public and private spaces. The bivouac is a sort of Barrel like the one Diogenes lived in that has been emptied of the superficial in order to create a space conducive to the practice of listening and sharing artistic reflection.

via Residency Bivacco Urbano – Progetto Diogene.

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