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By: Heidi


Astrid Korntheuer


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Weight of balance

When I stumbled upon Astrid Korntheuer’s images I was simply amazed. I loved the chaos and at the same time she managed to keep hold of a refined simplicity. Her images allow you to discover her imagined world over several days and you probably still havnt seen everything. There is more to see when you come upon her images next time. I can imagine her building these elaborate sets, where every small change will affect the composition. In arrangements as this – I imagine everything has its perfect spot. Move it a bit to the left and everything will appear unbalanced. Evaluating and compensating her creations through the viewfinder, would have made this series a slow but very rewarding process. Astrid’s moments of solitude create an intensity of rhythm and harmony.

This section by Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke, 2010 (Translation by Jeremy Gaines) stuck in my mind:

What is far more crucial, however, is that behind all these arranged objects we always seek out the hand that arranged them, someone who, willful as an epic theater protagonist, begins to change her own stage design, perhaps taking one sheet or another off the line like a piece of laundry, which would turn her into an iconoclast vis-à-vis the fashionably flat meta-image in which objects sporadically wish to culminate.

via Weight of balance | UNLESS YOU WILL.

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