Join our Flickr collection — Getty Images

Be found

Join the Flickr collection on and your images could be exposed to the global creative community. And whenever one of them is licensed, you’ll earn some extra cash, too.

It’s simple

1. Sign on to Flickr

2. Create a set of your top ten images – photographs, illustrations or both

3. Submit your work here

Our creative team will review them – looking at style, subject matter and technical skill. If your images are selected, we’ll get in touch through your Flickrmail to let you know the next steps. And if we don’t invite you to join with your first submission, you are welcome to try again with different images.

A few submission guidelines

* A set should consist of ten images, no more, no less

* Original files must be at least three megapixels in size

* You must be able to provide model or property releases where appropriate

* Photos must not be licensed to any other users or through any other agency or distributor

* You must be the creator or the copyright owner of the image

Nominate a friend

Know someone else who creates great images? Just send their Flickr photostream URL (they need to have a Flickr account) here.

If your friend is successful, we’ll send them a Flickrmail (directly), inviting them to join the collection.

via Join our Flickr collection — Getty Images.

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