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Getty Images Grants for Editorial photography winner, Brenda Ann Kenneally completes her project entitled “Upstate Girls: What Became of Collar City”

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Brenda Ann Kenneally, a winner of a Getty Images Editorial Photography Grant, completed her project recently exploring class inequity in America. She followed seven women from the post-industrial city of Troy and captured their coming of age stories.

In her project summary, Brenda writes “The funding received from the Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography was used to help identify and unravel some of the cultural hallmarks of class distinction in the United States. The grant allowed me the physical and emotional freedom to be present over time in these women’s complicated lives. I continue to report on this group of young women in Troy, whose lives have become linked by love and blood and law and class, as revelations about the agency of their bonds unfold with each passing birthday. This past year has been particularly illuminating in the areas of education, mental health and the broader repercussions from the pharmaceutical warehousing of lower income children. The grant extended the journey that I began six years ago so that I could witness some of the key moments in the generational cycles that forge the culture of class. It enabled me to document the passage of this social mantle from inside the young lives that have engaged me so intimately.”

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