Sølve Sundsbø – Photographer – Page 14 – the Fashion Spot

Soon famous (39): The Norwegian fashion photographer creates with its bizarre and surreal images a reality

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For photography came Sølve Sundsbø rather casually. He neither comes from a family of artists even as a teenager, he was a passionate amateur photographer. Nevertheless, the Norwegians managed to get a name in the fashion scene. The special Sundsbøs to work is the combination of a simple approach, an eye for detail and a variety of technology both behind the camera and on the computer. His disarming and provocative productions photo appeared, for example, in “Pop Magazine”, “id”, “Dazed and Confused” or “Vogue Nippon.” Advertising campaigns, the photographer for the really big names in the fashion business shooting, including Yves Saint Laurent perfumes, Nike, Etro or Lancome. Similarly, he photographed the album cover of bands and musicians like Röyksopp, Coldplay and Sophie Ellis Bextor.

via Sølve Sundsbø – Photographer – Page 14 – the Fashion Spot.

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