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Combining commissioned work – typically from fashion, music and art clients – with self-initiated projects, the British graphic designers Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell have worked together as FUEL since 1991 from a studio in the Spitalfields area of London.

From the staccato illustrations on a series of album and singles covers for The Thrills, to the glacially decadent portrait of the photographer Juergen Teller and actor Charlotte Rampling on the cover of his Louis XV/Ich bin Vierzig book, the work of the London-based graphic designers FUEL always has an arresting, even sinister quality.

Founded in 1991 by three graphic design students at the Royal College of Art in London, FUEL was originally composed of Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell, who has studied together at Central St Martin’s, and their friend Peter Miles. Their first joint project was the magazine Fuel, which they produced at the RCA, made the focus of their degree show and which elicited their first commercial commission from the Diesel fashion label. After graduation they opened a studio off Brick Lane in the Spitalfields area of London.

Murray and Sorrell, both born in 1967 in London and Maidstone respectively, still work together as FUEL, but Miles left in 2004 when he moved to New York to work for the fashion designer Marc Jacobs. Over the years they have continued to publish Fuel magazine as well as other self-initiated projects, and have built up a loyal cadre of clients in art, fashion and music, including Juergen Teller and the artists Jake and Dinos Chapman and Tracey Emin. Print remains the focus of FUEL’s work, but they have also experimented with moving images, notably by creating the film titles for Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation.FUEL/GIRL 1991 Design + Production: FUEL

Find out more about FUEL at http://www.fuel-design.com

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