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Bonjour. It’s been awhile since we’ve had any updates to Indexhibit…we’re working on a bunch of things. There isn’t a release date at this time, and some of these things might not make the final shipping version, but we’ll do our best.

The current working list of things:

– many miscellaneous tweaks (obviously)

– Flickr integration (useful if you can not upload image to your webhost)

– upgrade to current Jquery build

– upgrade to Thickbox 3 (or something better if it gets released soon)

– Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Chinese localizations

– a simple Blog module (not intended to compete with WordPress)

– optional User module for managing many users (admin mode addition)

– XML profile and recent exhibits

– Shopping Cart module (might not be free however)

– ability to publish via multiple templates

– addition of more template hooks

– improvements to File Manager (better sound and movie support)

– improved architecture for smoother upgrades

– improvements to the interface

– Tagging system (assuming we can make it work for us)

– password protected pages (like for client access only)

– a bunch of nice little plugins

Dan and I want to improve Indexhibit, but the idea is that we won’t necessarily add new features. Of course, if you read the list we are adding some here – but we intend to make additions via new Modules and leave some for advanced users only to discover.

Feel free to chime in around the forum if you have any comments…suggestions.


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