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How can I customize the look of the site?

Font size, color, etc?

I´ve seen other sites very customized… Is there any specific file i need to edit?

Thanks in advance.


*sorry for the post in Ideas, please delete that.

Eloisa A


2007-05-25 17:10:21

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Boa tarde!

The way to customize the site is to change the css. You need to be in advanced mode to be able to acces this feature (settings => advanced mode= on).

Now, you can choose between the eatock template and a sample template.

The default format for indexhibit is the ‘Eatock’ format – it can be found in the /studio/site folder. You can customize the template (html) and the css as found in this folder as you wish. You could also duplicate the folder, give it a name of your choice, and then select the new folder in your Exhibit > Settings.

Note that the Eatock format uses a position: fixed; div for the index – you should be careful when making adjustments.

via Css Customize – Support :: Forum :: Indexhibit.

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